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Theological Studies - The Eschatology of Jesus


In course number six, “The Eschatology of Jesus” we’ll learn from scripture that Jesus has an optimistic view of the future. This course will dispel all fear taught in many churches today concerning the end times or last days. We’ll cover in detail Matthew chapter twenty four and show where the events prophesied by Jesus were not for our present day or future but were already fulfilled in 70A.D. It is important to understand the New Covenant in light of the Old Covenant which was made obsolete at the cross, though soon to experientially fade away in 70 A.D. Therefore the two covenants existed at the same time during a transitional period that lasted from 30A.D. to 70A.D and ended with the destruction of Jerusalem and the burning of the Jewish Temple and the complete annihilation of the Jewish Temple System and the Law of Moses.