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"If You Want To See The Glory Of God, Then You Must Release God's Glory"

What Others Are Saying...

The church is experiencing nothing short of a theological reformation. The truth of God’s present kingdom and the new covenant are impacting Christians around the globe. Like previous Reformations the pendulum often swings too far and therefore we need voices to keep us biblically solid along our journey. Paul Graves is one of the voices God has raised up for this generation. When he declares, “Today we are living in the greatest time and season ever recorded in history,” He not only teaches this, but lives it. This book is a ‘must read’ for every believer desiring to live in confidence and walking in ‘everything’ won for us by Jesus.


As a ‘theological reformer’ Paul Graves takes on one of the greatest divides in the Christian Church, that there are essentially two classes of Christians, one who has received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and then, those who have not. If the church is to achieve unity of faith, this division must be addressed, and in “His Fullness Received” Paul provides a path for ‘all Christians’ to walk in fullness. This book receives my ‘highest recommendation’ because it sets us on the course where we can not only walk in fullness ourselves but can take it to the nations.

—Dr. Stan Newton

Teacher and Author, Glorious Covenant and Glorious Kingdom

Missionary to Bulgaria


It was an incredible privilege to read the manuscript for my brother-in-Christ Paul Graves, latest book. WOW, it’s simply "a game changer for the body of Christ!” This manuscript left me so over joyed and moved with tears of joy, as I devoured the truths of God’s word revealed in "His Fullness Received." I know without a shadow of a doubt the impact this message will have on the body of Christ. I can definitely see myself re-reading “His Fullness Received” at least once a year.


—Paul Santana De Sousa

Teacher and business owner

Johannesburg, South Africa


I have read thousands of Christian books and various literatures over my life and can honestly say that after reading Paul Graves latest book, it is by far the best book I have ever read. It is simple yet completely transformational, through correct interpretation of scripture “His Fullness Received” reveals time and time again—Jesus has done enough!! I literally can’t wait to see this book completed and made available for everyone to read.


—Stuart Morrison

Teacher and Personal Trainer

Durban, South Africa


Paul Graves has created yet another literary masterpiece. What he did in his book “Every Believer’s Authority” he has done yet again, but this time covering the essence of what every believer receives at the point of becoming a disciple of Christ. It is one of the best books on the identity and purpose of every believer that I have yet to read. Paul is amazingly thorough in his use of scripture; making it patently clear, for the reader to see what a rich and glorious inheritance we have received as joint heir with Christ. This book is a must read for every believer who desires to grasp the extent to which they are, as Christ is in this world.


—Kevin Peterson

Pastor and Business Owner

Durban, South Africa


“His Fullness Received” is a must read for all believers. This book will have every reader longing for the next chapter. It will stir up things inside of you that will launch you into walking in your kingdom authority, just like Jesus did. For the most part the church at large has lost its way, and “His Fullness Received” couldn't have come at a better time to assist in helping the BRIDE get back on track.


—John Ferranti

Prophet, Author, Who You Are In Christ

Founder, For God’s Glory Ministries

Jacksonville, Florida


Having just read Paul’s newest book "His Fullness Received", I must say it’s more than a book. It is a far deeper read than most you’d pick up at a book store. My opinion is that it is a teaching manual with a mass of information that cannot be digested in a single reading. The attention to detail that Paul exhibited in breaking down the terminology; amplifies its meaning and is a great addition. I recommend this book to everyone who is serious about doing the "stuff" the scriptures speak about. We have been made complete in Him, time to live it out. "There is a full grown Jesus living inside of you". Well done Paul for a work diligently prepared.


—Dave Viljoen

Apostle, Author, Reformation

Founder, Apostolic Working Company

Palm Coast, Florida


"His Fullness Received", is a must read for every believer in the body of Christ. For far too long believers through a lack of knowledge and understanding, have denied themselves the ability to demonstrate through faith, everything we’ve freely been given, as new creations in Christ. While reading through the pages of “His Fullness Received” you’ll discover a deeper, in-depth look at Scriptural truths, revealing relevant, progressive, present day truths, which holds the power to literally change your life forever.


Readers will learn of their kingdom inherited authority, received the very moment they believed, therefore becoming heirs of God, and co-heirs with Christ. You will experience who you’ve already become and what you’ve already received in full the very moment you believed, as you read “His Fullness Received”.


—Tracey Graves

 Founder, Bible to Life Ministry

 Author, Faith That Jesus Taught

 Durban North, South Africa


We live in an age of Reformation in the Church.  This Reformation is joyous and brings great freedom, but it can also bring angst and sincere questioning.  Our theology is being reformed and even renovated through what the Scriptures call Present Truth –2 Peter 1:12.  Present Truth is all that the Holy Spirit is presently restoring to the Church today!  Religion and man's traditions are passing away and God's people are waking up to walk in a personal, intimate relationship in Jesus Christ, no longer striving to live FOR the Lord, but now living AS the Lord!  The reality that I see is a people who do not live in the dust realm, but realize that they are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus!  The Body of Christ is awakening and answering their assignment to demonstrate the Kingdom of God and the rule and reign of King Jesus.


Paul Graves brings forth the great and precious reality that we live in His fullness!  There may be things in this book that you disagree with, but I encourage you to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and His anointing on the words of this book.  We all can recall times when we disagreed with truths when we first heard them, but God had mercy on us and helped us to receive what we were hearing.  It is time for the Body of Christ to read, study and think, but also be yielded to Christ within and stay tuned to the leading and voice of Holy Spirit.  Get ready for your understanding of who you are and of what you have in Christ to be revolutionized.


—Jerry W. Hester

Apostle, Founder, Dominion Church International

Greer, South Carolina


Paul Graves has put his heart on paper in “His Fullness Received” and it’s very evident to see the passion that he has for communicating scriptural, Spirit-filled truths! Take time with this book and meditate on God’s word. The Holy Spirit will use it to renew your mind.


—Charlotte Neumann

Corporate language trainer for English communication

Karlsruhe, Germany


In an age where experience appears to be king in the church world, there has been a lack of articulation and revelation to substantiate all that we experience. “His Fullness Received” gives many solid points of truth to aid in the journey of the believer in Christ. This book will challenge us today, along the same line as the Apostle Paul when teaching that all we need has already been given to us that pertains to life and godliness. I pray that the revelation in this book will ultimately become the experience of us all.


—Matthew Hester

Senior Pastor, Dominion Church International

Author, Guaranteed Victory, Born to be kings

Greenville, South Carolina


It is always amazing to me how the Holy Spirit speaks similar ideas to people all over the world in the same seasons.  What Paul says in his book resonates deeply with what God has been doing in me and so many others.  In this book, Paul clearly outlines how finished work theology informs the ideas of our fullness and completeness found in Christ.  He further makes a case against any other ideas that promote lack within the modern believer.  I wholeheartedly endorse this book.


—Dan Hirsch

Missionary, Mission Based Ministries

Founder, Vision Informatics

Budapest, Hungry


A powerful and impactful book!  Paul Graves does an excellent job of showing believers what is ours when we come to Christ.  We have received everything that God is and everything that God has. Paul shows us the unique connection we have with God, though Christ Jesus by pulling back the veil of weak, false and failed teachings. This book clearly and concisely shows us who we truly are in Christ. Great job Paul. 


—Robert A. Enos

Apostle, Founder, Greater Works Christian Church

Lancaster, California


We are in a pivotal time in the body of Christ where we are seeing an emerging breed of ministers who are unveiling a purer understanding of all that the new covenant provides.  Paul Graves is one of those ministers!  His new book, “His Fullness Received”, is a reorienting book that will help you understand all that God has invested in the Saints.  It is likely more than you have ever been told or are aware of.  I loved reading this book.  It continually showed me who I am as well as the greatness of the One who has sown His all into me.  I rarely read books a second time, but this is one I need to revisit and reorient myself to its truth.


—Brad Herman

 CEO, The Arsenal Bookstore

Shippensburg, Pennsylvania


What I love about this book is the commitment found within to put aside arguments, some made unwittingly, others intentionally that paint a picture limiting the effect of the life, death and resurrection of Christ. Readers, within these pages you will find a challenge to see yourself as more than an overcomer. This is where faith begins. You have been invited to follow the One who holds all things together. How could there be any lack abiding in the Way, the Truth and the Life? In Christ there is no lack. This book puts it plainly, the body of Christ, His Church, you and me and us together, are called to administrate the fullness of God. I look forward to hearing about the fruit that will come from those that read this book and put faith to action. In Christ we have the Fullness.


—Scott Crowder

Producer and Recording Artist

Senior Leader, DreamHouse

Newport News, Virginia


“I absolutely loved this book! The world needs this message! Never before in history has the Church so needed to speak up and to speak so clearly.  “Thank you, Paul, for such a thorough and easy-to-understand book on what the Word has to say about—Living Life beyond the Veil and Victorious in the Kingdom.


Paul's mandate is to wake up the Body of Christ to possess and embrace the fullness of Jesus as Lord by understanding the Gospel of the Kingdom provided through the Better New Covenant introduced by Jesus Christ. Well done.


Paul Graves’s previous book "Every Believer’s Authority" will open your eyes to who you are… Heirs of God and Coheirs with Christ…. while this book “His Fullness Received" gives believers guidelines to help them enter into the fullness of their identity as sons of God, in the Kingdom of God.  I believe this book will be a great tool for you to live every day in the joy and victory that God desires every believer to walk in.


Learn all you can from these two books. Give yourself to the pursuit of God and enter into the fullness of your Kingdom calling—this will change your life forever!  These awesome books have made a big difference in my life and I believe these are not books to be read and put on a shelf, but to be read over and over again, until you not only understand but live it out.


I pray that “His Fullness Received” will reach and change thousands upon thousands of lives to the truth and that they would know in their heart of hearts the outpouring of grace upon grace and the fullness they have already received through faith. 


What a blessing Paul’s new book is to the Body of Christ. God’s glory and power revealed in His Word and in us. Pursue your kingdom mandate. “His Fullness Received” is a book you will go back to again and again. It is daily walking out His Kingdom inside of us! Paul you are full of Jesus and His joy. It is an honor to know you.


—Amanda van Zyl

Senior Pastor, Founder, House of Grace Community Church

Durban, Bluff, South Africa

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