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Theological Studies - Living Victorious In The Kingdom


In course study number three, “Living Victorious in the Kingdom” we’ll scripturally show where the kingdom of God came with the King and to the increase of God’s kingdom on earth, there will be no end. Students will then learn to answer the question, “Is the kingdom of God heaven and if not, what is the kingdom of God?” Within this course, students will also learn what Christ accomplished through His natural sufferings, death, descent, resurrection, ascension and enthronement at the right hand of His Father; dying as a sacrifice for all humanity. This course will also cover in detail the message of grace; what is grace, grace works, grace requires faith and what grace looks like. We will also cover in detail the message of faith; faith that moves mountains, faith that Jesus taught faith without doubting and the faith of God. This course will move our students further away from an Old and obsolete covenant in order to embrace and walk in the fulfillment of the New Covenant.