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His Fullness Received—Theological Studies Seven Weeks

In the course study, "His Fullness Received" Students will learn through scripture the fullness of who Christ is in them and who they are in Christ, the very moment they were born again. For God so loved that He gave, though in His giving did God give a little, a lot, or all of Himself—through Christ, to every believer the very moment they believed? This is the question presented and scripturally answered in this life-changing, revelationary course. A question thoughtfully designed and inner woven throughout in hopes of encouraging new covenant believers to evaluate what they believe and why they believe it—pertaining to their identity in Christ and purpose for living victoriously in His kingdom.  Students will be challenged over and over with the same question "Do you know what you believe or do you simply believe what others know?" If there was only one course a believer could take, this would be the one that changes their lives forever.

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