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"Don't have faith in your faith, have faith in God."

What Others Are Saying...

This book was a joy to read as Tracey unfolds the truth about how to have faith. It is not that we need more faith; it is that we need less unbelief. Her unveiling of faith and supportive scriptural references, together with living and personal testimonies; is awakening. Tracey answers the most basic questions; how, why, and when faith works; it is inspirational. I highly recommend this book as a good and necessary read if you desire to step into the supernatural realm of ministering to yourself or others in need.


‘Faith is for the giving of the God life and not the getting of things.’ As Tracey clearly shares it is a work of Love, the love of God in and through you. Throughout the pages of “Faith That Jesus Taught,” the challenge to get out and do, because you have already received faith, is compelling. Tracey, this was a lovely, great, and easy read, congratulations. Much success.


~Dave Viljoen

Apostle, Author, Founder

Apostolic Working Company

Palm Coast, Florida


I simply loved Tracey's first book! Every believer needs to read this book as there is so much confusion in our churches about faith today. We have the concept that we must acquire more faith and that some people have much faith, while others have virtually none. And we spend so much time trying to get something we already have in full measure!


This is not just another book on faith, it is a book that shows the reader practical examples of how to operate in faith, inspiring us to never settle for less until we see the miraculous manifest in our lives. Tracey writes this awesome statement… “In Christ, every believer receives all of God, all that God is, and all that God has.” If every believer will believe this truth, mountains indeed shall move for them.

Let this book awaken you into a supernatural lifestyle where nothing is impossible with God, where Jesus is enough, and believing becomes natural to the believer. This is a book I would read repeatedly. God bless and well done!


~Amanda van Zyl

 Senior Pastor, Founder

House of Grace Community Church

 Durban, Bluff, South Africa.


To say the least, “Faith That Jesus Taught” is a lovely book, a very easy and refreshing read. Tracey masterfully removes the complexity surrounding most faith teachings today, by bringing believers back to the simplicity and refreshing message of faith that Jesus taught. This book is full of priceless gems, which every believer both young and old should read, devour, and demonstrate.


~Paul Santana De Sousa

Teacher, Author, Business Owner

Johannesburg, South Africa


I would like to encourage every believer to take the time to invest in themselves and read this book. Tracey’s new book 'Faith That Jesus Taught' will no doubt challenge religious mindsets while at the same time removing scales and blinders covering the eyes of believers, created by misunderstandings of faith and how faith operates in the lives of believers.


Are you currently living in abundance? Are all your needs met? Are you walking in the fullness of God’s purpose and potential? If you have answered no to any of these questions, then allow the truths found within the pages of this book concerning faith and how it works in the lives of believers, to cause a revolution in your life; a revolution daily lived out for others to see and experience.

Let this wind of Truth blow away the cobwebs of wrong beliefs that negatively impact your perspective of faith and alter your life experiences that are contrary to God’s word. Your perspective and how you think to impact your life greatly. ‘What you perceive, you conceive.’ Faith is the key that unlocks the Kingdom of God in our midst, releasing unto us what the Father has already said about who we are and all we’ve already received.


‘Faith That Jesus Taught’ should become a part of your biblical library, allowing you to reflect on its truths. Jesus said, “And even greater things shall we do...” The way has already been prepared, and as Tracey has so wonderfully articulated in her new book, believers must simply believe without doubting.


~Ruth Ann McCormick

Founder, Kingdom Glory Revolutionaries

Kissimmee, Florida


Tracey and her husband Paul Graves have been responsible for helping me understand the Gospel and shifting my perspective on significant subjects such as the atonement, which has ultimately been life-changing for me. So, when Tracey said she had written a book titled “Faith That Jesus Taught,” I was excited, to say the least. What I love most about this book is how it demystifies and presents faith in such a clear and concise way, easy for anyone to understand and demonstrate.


This book is brilliant, in the sense that it helps believers identify when they’re putting “faith in their faith”, rather than placing faith in God. “Faith That Jesus Taught” is filled with radical testimonies of what simple faith in God can accomplish, when believers daily walk in the faith that Jesus taught. This book is a must-read for Christians who want to be more like Jesus.


~Kevin Peterson

Pastor and Business Owner

Durban, South Africa

This book is a prophetic gift given to every believer. It reveals simple truths backed by scripture, opening our eyes to understand faith, Jesus’ faith, and the faith of God. T.L. Osborn, a great apostle of faith once said, “Preach a simple Gospel.” The message of faith shared in Tracey’s book is a representation of T.L. Osborn’s prophetic statement.


The material found in this book is “Good News,” a message so simple no one can complicate it. Tracey, thanks for your obedience in writing “Faith That Jesus Taught.” I believe this book will be an important tool, used to teach and assist the Body of Christ in gaining a more biblical understanding of faith.


~Ockie Fourie

Disciple of Jesus

Durban, South Africa


Faith That Jesus Taught is a fresh look at the simplicity of Jesus’ teachings on Faith. This book is refreshing, as Tracey takes the reader on a journey through scripture, revealing truths you may have never discovered before. This book debunks the mysteries of faith that so often holds believers back from walking in the faith of God. After reading, “Faith That Jesus Taught,” you will be empowered with knowledge and understanding, ready to move mountains and be all that God has created and called you to be.


~Becky Owens

Senior Pastor

Kingdom Life Ministries

Panama City, Florida


Tracey Graves lives out the Gospel in a very real, practical, and powerful way. Her life is a testimony to the faithfulness and goodness of God. In this book she teaches biblical Truth in such a way that abundant grace is imparted, empowering readers to immediately live out a very real, practical, and supernatural life.


The dynamic power of “Faith That Jesus Taught” is found in the simplicity of the overall message—faith without doubting. As presented in Tracey’s book, a correct understanding of faith will result in the body of Christ becoming all God purposed and desired. I guarantee your life will never be the same again after reading this book.


I loved every moment of this book, and it reminded me once again how uncomplicated the Gospel really is. Well done Tracey on such a relevant and needed reminder of authentic faith and how to live out a life of faith that Jesus taught.


~Stuart Morrison

Teacher and Personal Trainer

Durban, South Africa


Tracey Graves delivers a profound scriptural account of what faith looks like in the lives of new covenant believers, daily living as followers of Jesus. “Faith That Jesus Taught,” teaches the reader that a believer’s focus must be fixed or set on the author and finisher of our faith—Jesus Christ, so that we may be able to do the greater works Jesus taught and instructed others to do. Jesus the Master Teacher demonstrated faith to His disciples and all who would follow and believe in Him.


Tracey masterly painted a picture of how this type of faith can move any mountain or obstacle in your life and the lives of others. I strongly recommend adding this life-changing anointed book to your library collection of must-reads. You won't be disappointed.


~Keith D Robinson

Apostle, Founder,

Greater Glory International Fellowship Inc.

Duluth, Georgia


In Tracey’s new book, “Faith That Jesus Taught,” believers are challenged afresh by the faith that has already been delivered to us as the body of Christ. The truths found within the pages of this book will help decode the often-mysterious topic of faith; presenting real-life principles and strategies demonstrating how to daily walk in Christ-like faith.


The success of faith isn’t something to dream about, but it’s something modeled for us in the life and ministry of Jesus. If we’ll follow the pattern Jesus modeled for us, then believers will see success. Enjoy this volume and be built up in your faith!


~Matthew Hester

Senior Pastor, Author

Dominion Church International

Greer, South Carolina



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