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Theological and Practical Ministry School “Launch”

-First Year Syllabus-

How to Study the Bible—Theological Studies three weeks


In course study number one, “How to Study the Bible” students will learn the basic foundations of scriptural interpretation. In doing so, they will learn terms such as Exegesis, Eisegesis, Hermeneutics, and Theology. These are not words to fear but terms and definitions to accurately assist believers in reading and understanding God’s word in both a contextual and historical manner. This course will leave no stone unturned, as students will be given multiple scriptural examples in class of how to practically use each term introduced. As well, each student will learn the importance of scripture, based on what verses and passages would have meant to the first-century writers and readers. This course (at first) may seem a little intimidating though within a short period of time, each student will become more familiar with the terms and definitions as we progress throughout the school years.


Spiritual Toastmasters—Practical Studies six weeks


In course study number two, “Spiritual Toastmasters” students will learn to effectively communicate what they believe to others. This practical six-week course will instill in the hearts and minds of each student the boldness to step out and share what they value as truth in love, unhindered by fear and intimidation. This course is also designed to cause each student to not only discover but develop the message of their heart. Each week, students will engage in practical speaking exercises that are designed to build their confidence level from week to week.


Identity and Purpose—Theological Studies three weeks


In course study number three, “Identity and Purpose” students will gain a well-working understanding of who they are in Christ and the fullness of who Christ is, now living within every believer, the very moment they believed. We will cover in detail whom scripture says a believer is and what each believer has received through salvation. This could be considered one of the most important and eye-opening courses the students will participate in this year.


Prophecy and Words of Knowledge—Practical Studies four weeks


In course study number four, “Prophecy and words of knowledge” every student will gain a well-working understanding of prophecy and how to prophesy. We will begin with teaching scriptural foundations of truth concerning, what is prophecy and the biblical pattern and principle for prophesying (scripture, declaration, building one another up/edifying). Each student will learn for themselves how to hear the voice of God and apply His spoken word in their lives. Also, each student will learn to prophesy over others to become the living mouthpiece of God. This course is almost 100% practical, as each week every student will be activated in the prophetic, with both assignments to complete in class and at home.  


Faith That Jesus Taught—Theological Studies Five Weeks


In course study number five, “Faith That Jesus Taught”, you will learn what the scriptures say Jesus taught about faith, to His disciples. The simple truths taught within this course have literally transformed Pastor Tracey and my walk with the Lord. Truths that bear fruit in our lives and in the lives of those who’ve heard this message of hope, that's viewed through the perspective of how Jesus taught faith. Students who complete this course will receive the confidence necessary to apply faith to any situation in their life and the lives of others (without doubt). Get ready to learn how to make the invisible, visible; the impossible, possible; and the natural, supernatural. 

Every Believer's Authority—Practical Studies six weeks


In course study number six, “The Works that Jesus Did” students will learn that it is God’s will for all to be healed and that through the infilling presence of the Holy Spirit, every believer has received inherited kingdom authority. Students will learn the difference between delegated and inherited authority and what God’s word says concerning divine healing. This course will teach our students to associate and relate to the life of Christ, not as an example for us to follow but as an example of who we already are by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Within these six weeks, we’ll conduct outreach into our community where our students will take what they’ve learned to people in need. We will learn how to lay hands on the sick and we will see the sick recover.

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