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When many people hear the word authority, they think of control. Yet God has not given us the right to control others. He has, however, given us the power of self-control. The devil is the one who tries to control others, and he does so through lies, deception, and manipulation. In this book by Paul Graves, we discover the hope that individual Christians will break free from all forms of demonic bondage and control and begin to reign with the Holy Spirit in His fruit of self-control. We were designed to be powerful, free, selfruling persons; yet for too long, Christians have chased after “greater authority” and “higher anointing.” This has weakened our church culture by creating a host of orphan-hearted believers. Finally, here is a book that says it like it is: Jesus already gave you all the authority and anointing you will ever receive or could ever need. This message is overdue in the body of Christ. We need a revelation of all that we already have in Christ, and Paul’s book brings that exact revelation.

—Dr. Jonathan Welton

Bestselling Author, Director, The Welton Academy

Paul Graves challenges today’s believers to reevaluate many popular ideas and, as he points to the Scripture, to take a more biblical view of the Church and her future. As we come to embrace our identity in Christ and take hold of our authority in Him, we extend the Kingdom of God and overcome the work of the adversary. If you want to slap complacency in the face, Paul’s book will provide just such a jolt! As Paul points out page after page, as believers we already have all we need to reign in life through Christ Jesus.

—Joe McIntyre

Author, Throne Life

Founder and Senior Minister, Word of His Grace Church


Gaining knowledge is the beginning of the acquiring of faith. First we must hear what God says on the subject in order to dispel our ignorance. As we hear, the faith to accept His truths and promises rises in our hearts (Rom. 10:17). That is why I love this book. Paul Graves does an excellent job of articulating very important truths of Scripture that have been overlooked by the Church for too long—biblical truths pertaining to the nature and authority of the Kingdom of God and the level of Kingdom authority God has provided for every believer.


It is so vital that we move past any contemporary biases against the supernatural or errant doctrines—doctrines communicating the Kingdom of God as a distant, futuristic event or the gifts of the spirit as not for today. It is time we look directly to God’s Word for our source of information regarding our restored dominion in the earth. I highly recommend this book.

—Jim Wies

Itinerate Speaker, Author, See Jesus and The Advancing Kingdom

Church leaders for years have provided keys, principles, and secret knowledge on tapping into the supernatural power of God. Some were loosely shaped around Scripture, while many were just plain wacky. Finally, Paul Graves, in Every Believer’s Authority, understands the big picture and connects our authority with the arrival of the Kingdom of God. When Jesus is disconnected from His Kingship, we should not be surprised when Christians exchange their biblical rights for “a bowl of doctrinal porridge.” We live under the terms of the New Covenant. The Old Covenant is obsolete. And until our minds are baptized in this truth, another generation wanders in vain searching for the holy grail of healing and miracles. Now the wandering ceases. There is no “secret knowledge,” but only relationship—our union with the King of kings and Lord of lords. Every Believer’s Authority is not your typical book on the supernatural; it is a Kingdom blueprint for what the Church longs for and needs—empowerment through truth.

—Dr. Stan Newton

Missionary, Author, Glorious Covenant and Glorious Kingdom


In Every Believer’s Authority, Paul Graves brings a masterful summary of the great Kingdom principles that each believer must understand. Many questions will be answered and many issues settled regarding the authority that every believer has in Christ and also how that authority is to be utilized and realized! This book is an honest and compassionate presentation of truth based upon the Word of God. We live in a time on earth when the Church must realize its authority in Christ and rise up to demonstrate the Kingdom of God! Sadly, many believers live their lives unaware of their authority, living life with a “victim mentality,” waiting to go to Heaven. They spend their lifetimes with an inherited authority that is never recognized or activated. A dynamic activation awaits every individual who holds this book in his or her hands. I recommend it wholeheartedly; get ready to be changed!

—Jerry W. Hester

Apostle, Founder, Dominion Church International


Paul’s book is written as an urgent prophetic word for today’s Christians who have yet to understand what being a coheir with Christ truly means. Many believers today read of the miracles and wonders in the New Testament yet never experience and witness God’s Kingdom in their present lives. Paul appeals to us to receive and use to the full extent our inherited authority in Christ to advance the Kingdom of God in our broken and hurting world.

—Kelvin Niblett

Senior Pastor, Epsom Community Church

Every Believer’s Authority is what I would call a Christian’s field manual for everyday successful godly living. Paul aggressively weighs human-made traditions alongside of Holy Scripture with undeniable accuracy that, in the end, renews the mind of the reader. As Paul explains the difference between delegated authority and inherited authority, we will soon discover that we carry God’s glory, we are partakers of His divine nature, we have received His righteousness, and in all reality, we have all been called—though it is not our calling but His. We share in His nature, His glory, His power, His authority!


I challenge all believers to read this book, for its pages hold the potential for a great reformation! Every believer in the Lord Jesus Christ will be encouraged, strengthened, challenged, and ultimately changed, as this writing will push men and woman of God into the fullness of what they received 2000 years ago—the fullness of God in them!

—Shane Mason

Prophet, Author, The Ever Advancing Kingdom

Founder, Shane Mason Ministries and East Gate Fellowship

Every Believer’s Authority, by Paul Graves, is a must read for all believers who desire to know who they are, what they have as believers, and how to use the authority that has been given to them. Paul states the case in the Word of truth so that all can know what they have as ambassadors for the Lord Jesus Christ.

—James K. Pringle, Sr.

Pastor and founder, The Embassy of Christ Church

I just finished reading "Every Believer’s Authority" by Paul L Graves. Yes, yes, yes!! What a book!! Paul, my friend, you have certainly done an excellent job in explaining biblical truths that the Church has overlooked for so long. Biblical truths pertaining to the authority of the Kingdom of God and the authority that each believer needs to know and understand. I have been inspired and challenged!! This is a must read for every believer and especially leaders. Well done my friend. Keep up the good work and thank you.

—Glen G Marais

Senior Pastor, Founder, Harvesttime Ministries 

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