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As a ministry school focusing on biblical studies and practical application, BTL “LAUCH” believes in the importance of teaching, demonstrating and activating believers in the progressive, present day truths, of God’s word. Our ministerial vision is to train and equip believers for effective works of service unto the Lord. With the understanding that every believer is a minister in the body of Christ; has a voice and carries functional responsibility. Bible to Life Theological and Practical Ministry School was developed for the sole purpose of instilling identity and revealing kingdom purpose, within the hearts of our students.


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Present Day Truth


Pastors Paul and Tracey Graves

Paul and Tracey are both apostolic and prophetic ministry gifts within the body of Christ.  It is both their heart's desire and commission given by God to "See People" wherever they travel and for as long as they stay, regardless of whom they meet. Their mandate is clear "To cause the knowledge of God's glory to cover the earth as the waters cover the sea, completely." And their mission in an effort to fulfill their mandate is just as clear, "Train, Equip, Raise up and Release sons and daughters of God for effective works of service unto the Lord."


Paul and Tracey carry within their heart a progressive message of truth, to which they vow to always share with others in love; a progressive present day truth, pertaining to a believer's "identity and purpose" in Christ. Specifically dealing in the area of "Who a believer is in Christ and the fullness of who Christ is, now living within every believer, the very moment they believed." Paul and Tracey are very approachable and enjoy establishing meaningful relationships with fellow believers, always choosing to place relationship with others over revelation, with the understanding that in a new and better covenant Jesus gave one commandment, "Love one another as I have loved you..."


For additional information concerning Paul and Tracey Graves ministering at your local church or interested in having them speak at your conference, please fill out the below necessary information. Be sure to include dates of interest, number of ministerial days requesting and type of ministry required or conference you'll be hosting. It is the desire of BTL Ministry to bring the Bible to life in an effort to equip the body of Christ for effective works of service unto the Lord. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing what we value as truth, in love.


Lead Pastors:     Paul and Tracey Graves

Cell Number:     078 548 3930

Email Address:  bibletolife@yahoo.com